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Hello and welcome to my kitchen.

My name is David Keindel.

The channel is called Making Stone Soup. I created the channel to provide you with the inspiration to cook more, and the confidence to attempt any recipe you want to try.

I have been a chef for over 40 years. I started my professional cooking apprenticeship when I was 17. But my interest in cooking started before that.

I was raised on a small family farm. We were eating organic food before it was cool. We just called it food. Being one of 8 children, meant my parents were always happy if I wanted to help out with family meals.

I milked cows by hand, and we churned our own butter. As a family, we grew vegetables, and raised our own meat and eggs. We regularly made sausages, and each fall made pickles, jams, and a barrel of sauerkraut.

What does Making Stone Soup mean? It is based upon the folk tale, of the same name.

If you are not familiar with the story, it is about a hungry traveler, who convinces the people of a small town that he has a magic stone in his pocket. Using the magic stone, he says he can prepare a meal for the entire hungry village. He convinces each person in the village, to share a small amount of the little food they have.

The moral of the story, is in the value of sharing, and appreciating what you have. And I think that is the true essence of cooking.

Eating is a social activity. Food is almost always shared. It is an opportunity to nourish oneself, but also to nourish the relationship with another.

Recent research suggests that people who eat with others are more likely to feel happy and satisfied with their lives. They tend to have a wider social network, and are more capable of providing social and emotional support.

Sharing is also the reason for the channel. I want to share my cooking skills and food knowledge with you. I want to help you be more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.

Together we will look at meals we can make, using just what we have.

I will look in my fridge, or cupboard, and create a meal or dish, that we can enjoy using common ingredients. I may look at what is on sale this week, or what is in the garden, or in season. We will make something from what may appear to be little, or nothing.

We make our food dollar go further, and work to reduce food waste. We will look at ingredients to substitute if we need to, and explore tips or tricks to make YOU more efficient in the kitchen.

No special tools or equipment are required. We will use what we have. However, I will make suggestions on some tools that may make your life easier. Whether that is a type of pot, a pan, or a knife.  We will learn together.

Over time, you may want to add to your kitchen inventory. But now, you will be more aware of what you really need. What equipment you should invest in, and what ingredients to keep in your pantry.

I invite you to watch the videos posted here on YouTube, and add your comments or suggestions. Is there something more I can do to support you? Do you have an idea for a video? Is there something you want to make, but need some help? Let me know.

I also encourage you to visit the website. I will add photos, resources, links, recipes, tool reviews, and anything else I can think of that might help you.

Thank you for watching. Be sure to subscribe, and join me in the kitchen.

Together, lets make some stone soup.




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