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The Non-Gingerbread House Kit

Always a fun excuse to be in the kitchen with kids, building a gingerbread house allows us to make something memorable and edible.

But our busy schedules do not always allow us to make these festive structures from scratch. Where do we find the time to gather ingredients, mix, roll and shape the structures; then bake the dough, and after cooling for 24 hours, finally begin the fun assembly and decoration?

sugar cookie house

You could buy a commercial kit, for as little as $15. Available in most stores, these mass-produced kits are durable, somewhat edible, and keep forever. Is there even an expiry date?

Hand decorated sugar cookies

As an alternative, Syndi has created these wonderful kits from her successful and delicious sugar cookie dough recipe.

Made fresh locally, the individual pieces are sealed in cello for freshness and safety.

The sections for the structure are fully baked sugar cookie, and are pre-prepared with white icing. The surfaces are stenciled, ready for you to quickly create your own creative design, using the edible paints (and reusable brushes) included in the kit. An assortment of candies are included.

Icing is included, just add water and mix. With the icing placed in the provided piping bags, assembly is easy. Once set, use the icing and the selection of candies to complete the structure. Decorate the tree cookies that are included, or eat these while your masterpiece is under construction.

Customize the finished festive structure, by adding your own additional edibles, to make your cottage truly unique.

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